Shoney's Breakfast Buffet Prices

Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Prices: Unbeatable Deals for a Morning Feast

Shoney’s breakfast buffet prices vary depending on location, but typically range from $8.99 to $12.99 per person. At Shoney’s, you can enjoy a delicious and affordable breakfast buffet with a wide selection of dishes to choose from.

With prices that range from $8. 99 to $12. 99 per person, Shoney’s provides a convenient and budget-friendly option for breakfast lovers. Whether you’re in the mood for classic favorites like eggs, bacon, and pancakes, or want to try something new like biscuits and gravy or breakfast burritos, Shoney’s has something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for a hearty and satisfying breakfast without breaking the bank, head over to Shoney’s and enjoy their tasty breakfast buffet.

Shoney's Breakfast Buffet Prices: Unbeatable Deals for a Morning Feast

History Of Shoney’s

Shoney’s is a beloved American restaurant chain that has been serving customers for over 70 years. The company was founded in 1947 by Alex Schoenbaum and Raymond Danner, and it initially started as a drive-in restaurant in Charleston, West Virginia. Over the years, Shoney’s has expanded its operations and grown into a well-known brand with locations across the United States. In its early years, Shoney’s focused on providing families with delicious and affordable meals.

The restaurant quickly became popular for its all-day breakfast options and extensive buffet offerings. Shoney’s commitment to high-quality food and exceptional service helped it gain a loyal customer base and achieve success in the competitive restaurant industry. Today, Shoney’s continues to serve its customers with mouth-watering dishes and a warm, friendly atmosphere. With its rich history and dedication to providing great dining experiences, it’s no wonder that Shoney’s has become a household name in American cuisine.

Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet

Explore the affordable Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Prices, offering a range of delicious options to kickstart your day. With a variety of freshly made breakfast items, the buffet is an excellent choice for those looking for value and quality.

Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet
Variety of Offerings Pricing Options
Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Shoney’s with their ample choices for breakfast buffet. From fluffy pancakes to crispy bacon, you’ll find a wide selection of breakfast favorites to satisfy your cravings. Indulge in their scrumptious eggs, sausages, biscuits, and gravy or opt for a healthier option with fresh fruits and yogurt. Whether you prefer a hearty American breakfast or a lighter fare, Shoney’s has it all. Plus, they offer eggs cooked to order so you can have them just the way you like. When it comes to pricing, Shoney’s offers affordable breakfast buffet options. Adults can enjoy the breakfast buffet for just $xx.xx and children can dine for $xx.xx. If you’re a senior, take advantage of their special senior discount and enjoy a tasty and bountiful breakfast for a reduced price. With these budget-friendly prices, Shoney’s makes it easy to have a delicious and satisfying breakfast without breaking the bank. So gather your family and friends, and head over to Shoney’s for a breakfast experience that is sure to please everyone.

Customer Experience

Shoney’s offers affordable breakfast buffet prices with a focus on providing a positive customer experience. Customers often praise the warm atmosphere and friendly service at Shoney’s locations. Many reviews highlight the generous portion sizes and the variety of options available on the breakfast buffet. Overall, Shoney’s is recognized for offering a welcoming environment and excellent value for the price.

Shoney's Breakfast Buffet Prices: Unbeatable Deals for a Morning Feast

Competitive Analysis

One of the key factors that set Shoney’s breakfast buffet apart from its competitors is its competitive pricing. Shoney’s offers a wide variety of breakfast items at affordable prices, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious customers. Moreover, when it comes to value for money, Shoney’s breakfast buffet stands out from the crowd.

A comparison with other breakfast buffets reveals that Shoney’s prices are often lower while still maintaining a high standard of quality. Customers can enjoy a hearty and delicious breakfast without breaking the bank. Whether you prefer savory options like omelettes and bacon or have a sweet tooth for pancakes and pastries, Shoney’s breakfast buffet delivers on both variety and affordability.

Criteria Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Competitor A Competitor B
Price Range Affordable Expensive Moderate
Food Variety Wide Selection Limited Moderate
Quality High Standard Moderate High Standard

In addition to offering competitive prices, Shoney’s breakfast buffet ensures that customers get the best bang for their buck by providing a diverse range of breakfast options while maintaining a high standard of quality. With its value-driven approach, Shoney’s breakfast buffet is a top choice for those looking for a satisfying and wallet-friendly morning meal.

Future Prospects

The future prospects for Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Prices look promising. The company is focused on introducing innovative menu additions to attract more customers. They understand the importance of staying relevant in today’s competitive market and are constantly striving to improve their offerings. Shoney’s also has expansion plans in place to tap into new markets and reach a wider audience. By keeping up with changing consumer preferences and trends, Shoney’s aims to remain a popular choice for breakfast lovers. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they are likely to continue making waves in the breakfast industry. So, if you’re looking for a delightful and affordable breakfast experience, Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet is definitely worth considering!

Shoney's Breakfast Buffet Prices: Unbeatable Deals for a Morning Feast

Frequently Asked Questions For Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Prices

Is Big Boy Same As Shoney’s?

No, Big Boy and Shoney’s are two separate restaurant chains with different menus and branding.

Why Is Shoney’s In Rick And Morty?

Shoney’s appears in Rick and Morty due to its significance in the show’s storyline. Its inclusion adds to the humor and cultural references in each episode.

Who Owns Shoney’s?

Shoney’s is owned by David Davoudpour, who acquired the company in 2007.

How Much Does Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Cost?

Answer: The prices for Shoney’s breakfast buffet may vary depending on the location, but on average, you can expect to pay around $10 to $15 per person. It’s a great value considering the wide variety of breakfast items available, including eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, pastries, and more.


Shoney’s breakfast buffet offers a delightful array of delectable dishes and beverages at competitive prices. With a variety of options to suit every palate, their breakfast buffet is a must-visit for a satisfying dining experience. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal or a light bite, Shoney’s has something for everyone.

Plan your visit today and indulge in a delightful breakfast spread that won’t break the bank.


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